First you fuck her mind

by - 09:17

Most game websites focus on approaching women (what you might call the seduction phase) and very few websites deal with what to do with women once you get them in bed. Now the casual observer might be confused by this. After all how do you talk about seducing women and making them love you without talking about clit stimulation or the G-spot? The answer is that these things just aren’t that important. Sexual pleasure in women is mostly mental. If she is responsive to you in conversation she will most likely be responsive to you in bed. However it is still possible to flub it. So let’s talk about how to fuck a woman right. We’ll begin with what not to do. This video is hard to watch but it is such an excellent teaching tool that I feel it is necessary xv video67349/rookie_male Just as a mental exercise ask yourself what is the single worst thing he did? If you answered “ask questions” then you are correct. Asking questions is the number one orgasm killer in females. The same principles that apply in the field apply in the bedroom. You are the master, not her. Her opinion does not matter. You say how it’s gonna be and if she doesn’t like it you are gone. It’s got to be the same way with sex. The only words out of your mouth should be commands and that should be rare. In fact it is better to just physically put her where you want her and wreck shit. Her energy will feed off your energy. Also never go down on a woman first. Eating pussy is for girlfriends only. Going down on some random skank says to her that you aren’t confident in your dick so you are going down on her first to try to make up for it. Remember it doesn’t matter what is true…it matters what she thinks is true. Going down on a woman immediately sends all the wrong signals. If you have fucked her a few times and you are semi serious about her then and only then should you go down on her…and I’d advise to add a domination aspect like tying her up to put her in the right frame of mind. She needs to know that even when your face is in her crotch you are in control. That mental state is your primary sexual weapon. Don’t think about her, think about what you want and do it. That is how a man behaves in bed and make no mistake a woman wants a dominant man at all times. Being dominant is key but remember if you are bitch mode 90% of the time and try to act beast mode in bed she will smell a rat. Your fucking has to be a part of a consistent mental picture of you in her mind. That is your mission. First you fuck her mind and then you fuck her body. Her rationalization hamster will do 90% of the work in getting her off for you. You must stop anthropomorphizing women. They don’t think like you. Most of them are not “see it->want it” types. You have to pique her interest, feed that interest, and maintain that interest. This is done through being dominant, passing manhood tests and having cause over everything around you. By “having cause” I mean that things do not happen to you, you happen to things. You are the active principle of life and you make things bend to your will. This is the spirit of correct fucking and that is how you fuck her mind.

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