On teaching method

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My social commentary has strayed into politics a little too much lately. I don’t really want to go the Roissy route where the game stuff can sometimes be obscured by polemics against modern society and why everything is fucked. I’m going to make a conscious effort to make sure I’m primarily dealing with sociosexuality which is the main focus on this blog.

That said I want to make a point about method. I’m never going to sell an ebook or run seminars mainly because I’m lazy and this is just a hobby that I won’t try to monetize but also because I don’t think it is particularly helpful. Game isn’t something you learn really…it is something that is inside you. This is a vital truth a lot of guys seem to miss. I like applying evolutionary psychology to female behavior as much as the next guy but the fact of the matter is it is not about her. It was never about her. The whole point of game is that it is about you. That is what “alpha” means when you get right down to it: the unlimited will to power over others. This can’t be taught. A cloying beta is a cloying beta because his genes make him so. At best game instruction can bring out the inner alpha that feminist dominated society has suppressed. If you just don’t have it then you never will.

The root of “game” in my view is a certain level of disregard for others. I don’t really see women as human beings. They are just playthings to me. In a word I objectify them. Feminists like to rail against that of course, did you ever wonder why? It is because it works. Remember that empowerment is the feminist god so anything that diminishes female power is the devil. Behavior that actually builds female attraction and makes them want to submit to you is directly contrary to the feminist program. Why do you suppose feminists want guys to have to ask and get explicit consent for every physical escalation? Because it is a tingle killer. Feminists want to kill tingles because without tingles the female id runs wild. A tingle generating guy on the another hand can make his woman understand a bitch’s place and be happy there. We can’t have women fulfilling their instincts and finding completeness under the hand of real men can we? That basically unravels the whole social agenda of feminism. But I digress.

No amount of instruction can put this inside you. I can’t teach it. All I can do is observe and comment.

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